Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day, Drew!

Happy Father's Day, Drew! Some of my favorite moments since Father's Day last year. 

Early morning snuggles

Sharing some melon at Tanaka Farms
Smiling at daddy

Trick or Treat
Decorating for Christmas
Chick-fil-A for Lucy's 3rd birthday. He was "peaking" her safe
from the scary cow
Walking at CityCentre

Watching the US Open. Father's Day 2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Nicole Richie has Paris Hilton
Lauren Conrad has Heidi Montag
The King has Ronald
Pepsi has Coke

I have the Nike GPS Watch

Drew gifted me with the glorious watch last Christmas. It was a total surprise. TOTAL. You see, we had decided to forgo presents for each other. Normally when we decide to do this I end up forgetting, panicking and over buying. It's not my fault, my love language is gift giving. What? It's true! Read the book!

So anyway we had decided not to buy for each other. With the move, the new house, and several fun trips planned this year it just seemed like the right thing for us. So color me surprised when at the bottom of my stocking (yes, we did stockings, IT WAS CHRISTMAS) was the watch. I cried. I actually cried.

So on December 26th my love/hate relationship with the Nike GPS Watch powered by TomTom officially began.

Let me explain.

The watch keeps track of your pace and mileage. It tells you real time how fast you are going. This is a blessing and a curse. The watch has helped me train more effectively, allowed me to do tempo runs outside instead of on my other frenemy the treadmill, take paths in the neighborhood, and it most definitely helped me reach my goal time at The Woodlands Half Marathon. Once of the best things is that at the end of good run it cheers you on.
Nice Job!
Record Pace!
Longest Run! (with Fireworks, I might add)

When my watch is happy like this, I call her Sally.

On the other hand...
It has made it impossible for me to run the scheduled easy runs. I can't help but try and beat my pace. It also taunts me when I slow down or am having a bad run. At the end of the not so great runs it offers these gems...
Good Effort
Way to Get Out There
Why were you so slow, sloth girl?  (okay, so I made that up)

When my watch acts like this I call her Helga.

Today Helga was in rare form. It was super hot. According to The Weather Channel that while it was only (ONLY) 89 degrees, it "feels" like 99 degrees. Super. Wish I hadn't checked that app before I set out with the windsail and 60 pounds of toddler.

"Stay home!" you say! I know, I know, but I am training for that Hottest Half Marathon and I have to practice in the heat. It's not all bad though I don't feel as guilty about the magical shorts. And they are magic. A gift from above for short girls with stocky muscular legs. Now don't tell you friends or anything. I want 2 more pairs and the purchases need to be spaced out. So there had better still be some at CityCentre come July or else....

Back to today.

After 4 miserable miles and lots of sweat Helga said Nice Try or something equally annoying. I decided that Nike should allow you to enter the temperature or the amount of weight in your stroller or if you are having a generally bad day.

Nike, you can have that advice free of charge. Take note. Pure gems. Pearls of wisdom from an average runner
pushing a windsail
wearing cute shorts
who names her watch...