Friday, November 9, 2012

My Kids are Awesome

Also known as, funny things my kids do and say.

Also known as, things I want to remember.

When walking in the mall in response to Fancy asking her to stay close,
"Fancy, I've got enough problems".

While putting on a skirt with built in shorts, Lucy got both her legs stuck in one leg hole. She muttered to herself, "Well this is a situation".

If Lucy wants something plain, cereal without milk for example, she asks for it "real".

Hayes thinks a "minky" (binky) lives in every pocket. He'll walk up to you randomly saying, "minky, minky, minky" searching for your pockets.

While telling Fancy an elaborate story about a princess and she said she "had to go home and get organized for the ball". Get organized! Ha! I have no idea where she gets it.

If Lucy wakes up first and hears Hayes waking up in his room she will go in and say, "Good morning big boy"!

Hayes jumps all over my living room. Jump = saying jump and throwing his hands up.

Last weekend Hayes went with me to CVS to get Lucy some medicine. He was still wearing his pi's but insisted on wearing his boots. He proudly strutted through the store saying "Hiiiiiiiiiiii" and then pointed to his foot, "Boot" to everyone he passed. Then he would stick his foot out and wait for a comment.