Monday, January 28, 2013

A Lucy Laugh for Monday

Lucy calls sleeping at night...


That's all for today. I hope that made you laugh. It gets me every time.

Gratuitous picture of Lucy when she was about 6 weeks old.
Because I can't believe she is 4.
Hellooooo, are you out there?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

one year

My dad died one year ago today. And I feel like I should write something, but I am not sure what to say.

In some ways it feels very long ago, Like when I think about all that has happened since last January 27th. And in some ways it feels like yesterday. Like when I can hear his voice say, "hey maggie darlin"in my head. And in those instances the pain is still a little overwhelming.

I hate that he can't see my kids growing up. I think he would get a kick out of Lucy's sassy attitude and Hayes utter determination. He would probably laugh when Lucy tries to negotiate and make some comment about an apple not falling far from the tree when Hayes is climbing everything in sight.

I still think, "I need to tell dad (fill in the blank)" and sometimes even go to call him. I wonder what he would think about certain events and news. Last week I was watching a thrilling Gonzaga / Butler game that went down to the very last seconds and I wished desperately that I could call him and say, "did you see that"? Because he would know exactly what I was talking about.

A good friend who is dealing with the same thing told me that the week leading up to this day would be worse than the actual day. And for the most part, she was right. It was hard for me to go through this week without thinking back to last year and and that horrible week in the hospital watching someone I love so much slip away. It was the both the longest and the shortest week of my life. And when he finally went to Heaven the relief and then the crippling grief that came afterward.

And yet I have hope in the sadness. I see God's fingerprints all over those last few months. He gave us amazing friends to help us through. He gave us a wonderful family time.  And as odd as it sounds, he allowed us to see just how hard it had been for my dad and how tired he really was without putting him through an extended period in hospice care. I am sure my dad would not have wanted that.

He would want us all to remember him pre-cancer. He would want us to talk about the fun stuff and probably tell some inappropriate jokes. And go out and buy a dog or a car without checking with mom first. And probably a couch. And a sofa table. And another dog. (Allegedly)

Oh, I miss him so much. But I am certain he is in Heaven. And he's not using a walker or wearing bandaids over bruises or in anymore pain.

But, let's be honest. he probably is telling an inappropraite joke.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Our Lucy girl is 4 today!

In honor of her special day here is a.... What's it called when you list things about someone by the letters of their first name?  You know what I am talking about. Hold on, let me google it. Ahhhhh...
An acrostic poem. That's it! Here we go!

Loves her family.
Uses her princess plate and fork whenever clean.
Can't stop talking.
Yep, loves the color purple. (I know that's a big reach.
    But Y is hard)

Hilarious. Keeps us laughing.
Excited about...fill in the blank. She is up for anything!
Laughs constantly
Eats chocolate whenever possible.
Needs her blankie, baby, twilight turtle and
    tinker bell night light.
Asks to read 100 stories at night. "Just one more"!

Dances all over the house. All the time. Always.
Especially likes to play with Hayes
Asks to wear a princess dress every day.
Never wants to leave the party.

And now, some pictures from the last year.

3rd birthday celebration at school
Princesses on Ice - March
St. Louis Zoo - March

Cinco de Mayo - July. Just kidding. May
Port Aransas - May
Last day of Preschool - May
Michigan - July
Driving through Michigan - July
1st Ballet Class - September

Main Street Theatre - October
Doughnuts with Dad / Uncle Cody - October

Playing in Gramma's desk - November

Family Pictures - November

Watching the Cotton Bowl - January

New Leotard - January

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Houston Half Marathon - Riggity Riggity Recap

Ran the Houston Half Marathon.
It was cold.
It rained.
I finished.
The end.

Just jokes! That's not much of a recap. Although all those things did happen.

Anna was nice enough to let us stay with her the night before the race. Which was a huge bonus because she lives about 5 minutes from the George R. Brown. We parked outside the convention center about 5:40 and made the very chilly walk, that turned into a  run, to the building. Once we got inside we sat down, drank our water, went tee-tee, etc.

At about 6:45 we made our way to the starting line where we waited in the cold. And the wind. And the rain. And the cold. Oh, and it was sprinkling. In all honesty it was pretty miserable. The emcee kept counting down the minutes until the start. More than one person shouted, "everyone is here, let's get started". I may or may not have been one of those people. Thank goodness Anna had the brains to suggest hand warmers. They are the only thing that kept me from waiting in the port-potti.

And then, the gun! Hooray! Shortly after we began walking we turned a corner and the wind was cut in half. Hooray for downtown wind tunnels. As we took off we noticed that it looked like it was raining ahead of us. But we didn't feel any rain? Curious! And then we ran into it.

We normally chat, chat, chat when we run, but I don't think either of us said more than 10 words until Mile Marker 4. Then we started talking and the rest of the race went by fairly quickly.

At Mile 9, the race turns. After that, I really felt great.

Let's be honest, after the BCS Half debacle, I was just glad to be in the game.

The race finishes through downtown Houston and it is a fun last couple miles. Right before you enter downtown, you run under a large American flag. Feels like you are in a movie.

I am alway glad to see the maker for Mile 13. And this year I was really glad that the post race was inside.

Special side note: I was adjusting my hat, felt my pony tail and thought, "I don't remember putting my hair in a bun". Nope! I didn't! It was just that matted and tangled from the wind and rain. Puuuuuuuuurty!

All done

This is how we did it

We are trying to balance. Picture included so you
could see my beautiful rat's nest.

Feeling super. And SUPER glad it was over!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

And then there was December

December as told in pictures...

Watching Johnny Football win the Heisman.
Also known as the night before the race that wasn't.

How I left the BCS Half Marathon the race
that wasn't. Don't worry, everything is fine.
Rumor has it you shouldn't try and run through
a very bad chest cold. Allegedly.

Going to see Johnny Heisman. 

Hayes-manziel practicing his scramble. 

Will NOT look at the camera. 

Hayes' school program. 

Hayes protesting his school program. 
Elfing around. Anyone else have an
abundance of Benjamin Knox?

Decorating cookies. "Cheft" Lucy in her "chefting" hat. 
Hanging out at The Woodlands Children's Museum.
I promise he has other shirts. 

Making gingerbread houses at the museum. 

Okay, you got us...they are graham crackers .

Lucy is super proud. 
Notice Hayes' house is more of an adobe style.
Poor roof couldn't handle his delicate decorating. 
Opening presents at Gramma and Granddad's house
Christmas morning with the beautiful Aurora. 

Q: How long does it take an almost
2 year old to destroy a new train table?
A: 1.5 seconds

We had some friends over and the kids turned it into
a slumber party. Come over any time Lees!

If I sit in the tub, mommy can't put Christmas away. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Family Pictures 2012

I was waiting to post these pictures until our Christmas cards went out. Because, you know, people sit by their mailboxes anxiously waiting for our family Christmas cards and I wouldn't dreeeeeeaaam of ruining their fun.

Or something less ridiculous and conceited.

This year we had our pictures taken by the fabulous Ellen Enger. She is so easy to work with and was great with our kiddos. Read: she brought smarties so Hayes would stop being SeƱor Cranky Pants and take a picture already.

Seriously, our little dude was in a mood. He kept turning his back on the camera or walking away and facing the shrubbery. Oh well! She got some good ones.

Here are some of my favorites.


Our favorite guy

Fancy and me

A small moment of cooperation.
Pretty sure he had a Smartie in his mouth.

Our best girl

A rare photo of the 2 of us

It was that kind of day

The boys

Drew really wanted this picture. He was right. I love it and
just ordered it for my mantle. 

What? Hayes isn't standing up straight and cooperating?

Sweet picture of Pam and Warren.