Friday, November 9, 2012

My Kids are Awesome

Also known as, funny things my kids do and say.

Also known as, things I want to remember.

When walking in the mall in response to Fancy asking her to stay close,
"Fancy, I've got enough problems".

While putting on a skirt with built in shorts, Lucy got both her legs stuck in one leg hole. She muttered to herself, "Well this is a situation".

If Lucy wants something plain, cereal without milk for example, she asks for it "real".

Hayes thinks a "minky" (binky) lives in every pocket. He'll walk up to you randomly saying, "minky, minky, minky" searching for your pockets.

While telling Fancy an elaborate story about a princess and she said she "had to go home and get organized for the ball". Get organized! Ha! I have no idea where she gets it.

If Lucy wakes up first and hears Hayes waking up in his room she will go in and say, "Good morning big boy"!

Hayes jumps all over my living room. Jump = saying jump and throwing his hands up.

Last weekend Hayes went with me to CVS to get Lucy some medicine. He was still wearing his pi's but insisted on wearing his boots. He proudly strutted through the store saying "Hiiiiiiiiiiii" and then pointed to his foot, "Boot" to everyone he passed. Then he would stick his foot out and wait for a comment.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Phone Dump aka Lots-O-Pictures

What has been going on lately, according to ye ole iPhone.

If you don't like to look at lots of pictures of my children (then you are a big meanie) I would close her up now.

Just a normal Saturday morning in the playroom.
Lucy wanted this container, so Hayes sat on it. 

Hayes kept climbing the chairs to stand
on the kitchen table so I put them in our room and
shut the door. He threw a fit at the door and then
fell asleep. 
Lucy posing with the pancakes
she made for my birthday. 

I looked over at Hayes and he
was posing too. 

Both my kids have swirls in their hair. Courtesy
of the House side of the family. (Pam)

Game day!
Game day with daddy!
While Lucy is in ballet Hayes and I
have a date in the bakery. Big trouble when
 he starts saying "cookie". 
Lucy felt Aunt Molly needed some flare. 
Lucy and her cousin Alana went to Princess
Playdate at Westwood gymnastics
Lucy's first Aggie game

Craft Lucy made for Doughnuts with Dad

Craft continued. (The thing on the left is
" a machine that daddy works on".)

Hayes insisted on this kookie for his water. 

Lucy sliding at one of the many
playgrounds in Cinco.

Monkey see, Monkey do. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Dewberry Farms

Last weekend, we took the kiddos to Dewberry Farms for some Fall fun.

Last weekend as in the weekend that the Aggies played well the second half, overcame some adversity and won their game. Not to be confused with a couple of days ago when they got a nice lead and then said, "just kidding, silly tigers".


Dewberry Farms is a lot of fun. There are bounce pillows, big slides, pumpkins and Hayes-man's personal favorite, kettle corn. Seriously, once the dude had his first taste of the k corn, he couldn't be deterred. Molly and Terry had to actually shake the bag to get him to look at us for pictures.  Oh, did I mention that Molly and Terry came with us to share in the festivities? Well they did and Lucy and Hayes were super excited to have them along.

And now, lots and lots of pictures.

Bounce Bounce Bounce

Pensive Hayes.
Mooooore kettle corn

Fun in a train
The kids with the rockstar aunt and uncle.

Fireman Hayes-man

Lucy trying to "help" Hayes take a picture

Mommy and her girl

How do you distract a boy from kettle corn and
make him smile? Turn him upside down!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Days of School

I wish I should I could say first DAY of school. As in they started on the the same day, but the hand, foot and mouth disease monster had a different plan. Poor Hayes-man came down with the deaded HF&M the day before he was supposed to start. Altough in Hayes' case it was Hand, Foot, Mouth, Arm, Shin, Kneepit, Cheek and Hair disease.

Okay, not hair. But I wish I could blame his short hair cut on that. Poor dude. Looked like a sheared sheep.

Lucy was so excited for her first day, but she was also sad that Hayes-man couldn't go with her. It was so sweet.

Dutifully posing with her first day sign.

Cutie McGee

Are we done yet?

How about it if I tilt to the side?

I am so proud of my girl. She is such a bright and shiny kid. Always ready for anything. She jumped right in and started on the craft. Not even a second look to her mommy. Way to go Lucy Girl!

Which brings us to Hayes-man. First day for the dude, one week later.

Look at this cool sign my mommy made.

Curious, she put it in the bushes. I bet she wants me
to pick it up, hold it and smile for the camera.

Okay, I will do it!

Hahahahaha! Sucker!

Playing with this teacher

Friday, August 24, 2012

Lucy, 3 and a Half

"It's a looooong way 'till January".
                          -  Lucy Dean, Almost every day

Indeed, Lucy, indeed. In January you will turn 4, but for now, 3 1/2 is definitely worth documenting.

At 3.5 you...
- Are a nut for going to the pool. This is an awesome change from last year. You took swim lessons this
  summer and since then you love the water.
- Are so funny! You have started to tell your own jokes and then laugh and laugh!
- LOVE to go to the Y. You ask me everyday if we are going.
- Need to know the schedule of the day. "What are we doing next?" is the question I get most often.
- Enjoy trying new things. The Y offers Tae Kwan Do (which you will only call Judo), Yoga, and
  Zumba and you have taken all 3. You love to demonstrate what you have learned.
- Think hanging out with your friends is the best!
- Are a coloring fool. You have always loved to color and you still do. You are getting so good at
  staying in the lines and are always concerned with what color I am going to "color their face".
- Get super excited when daddy comes home at the end of the day.
- Love to be read to. Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious, and Madeline are among your favorites.
- Are our special, special girl. We love you to the moon and back.

Chillin' on the dock

Ready for Cinco de Mayo

Hanging out in Michigan

Olympic Fever. U.S.A! U.S.A!

Certificate day at WestWood
Gymnastics Academy!

Hanging with Uncle T

Your first Astros game

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Hottest Half is...well OVER

Number 7 in the books my friend. The Hottest Half in Dallas at White Rock Lake - check!

It was not as hot as it could have been, but the second half the heat kicked in. I was definitely glad to see the finish arch.

Before the race. Look how happy we are. Full of energy. 

Sometimes I like to break it down
before I run. 

Terry and Marc, Domestiques-in-Training


This is how we did it. Minus the flops. 

The whole group
My best impression of a highlighter.