Monday, June 3, 2013

Last Day of School!

Thanks Grace Preschool for a fantastic year! Lucy and Hayes both had a wonderful year. Thanks mostly to their outstanding teachers. We are so thankful that our kiddos get to learn and grow at Grace.
Seriously, I don't know how their teachers did it. Especially the Hayes' teachers. That Toddlers class is nutso. Yet they were always so patient and kind.

Y'all all the kids in Hayes' class called him Hayes Dean. Always both names. One of the other moms said that her daughter was repeating something over and over and she finally figured out she was saying, "Hayes Dean". Those kids crack me up.

Best I could get of the two of them.
It's Splash Day for Hayes. Hence the swimsuit.
But still with a polo shirt. Keeping it classy. 

Cutie McGee


The one where no one is looking at the camera. 

I can usually count on her for a
sweet smile. 

Celebratory cupcake

The lovely Ms. Janet who greeted Lucy
EVERY morning with a loud,
"Helloooo Lucy" and a big hug. Made
my girl's day. 

The amazing Ms. Janet who taught Lucy
so much. 

Splash Day wore this dude out.
The room was bright and everyone was
running around. But not him. 
You want me to get up? Wait, did you say

Hayes showing Ms. Tracy her gift. He
loves Ms. Tracy. 

Not so great of Hayes, but a good picture of
his sweet teacher Ms. Stacy.
My how things have changed. 
Haven't they?