Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hayesman's New Bed / Don't Promise Things on the Way to Target

Well, it has happened. My house is cribless. Hayes is officially in a big boy bed. I have been procrastinating this move for quite some time.
"A" number 1 because I didn't want to lose the control of the crib
"B" number 2 because how can my baby boy be big enough for a bed when he is my baby boy? It is a mystery.

In order to increase his excitement about his new bed I promised him a Lightning McQueen pillow case. I told him on the way to Target that we were going to get said pillow case. He was excited and I was proud of my plan. You know what they say about pride...

There was no Lightening McQueen pillow case. There was however a super awesome complete toddler bed set. Hayes saw the set and was so happy, "Hayesman want it", "Hayesman wants for his new bed", "Pleaaaaaaase Mommy". Well, you know what happened...

Just look at those lifelike characters. Jumping
right out at you. 
If you know me at all, you know how much this pains me. He however, is so pleased.

Please notice the McQceen shirt. That car is slowly invading every aspect of my life. Pretty soon I am going to drive a red car with stickers.

It has been going well. Besides a few "want to be awake" and run around the room moments at Gramma and Granddad's house he has been settling in nicely.

Mommy on the other hand is still adjusting.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Last Day of School!

Thanks Grace Preschool for a fantastic year! Lucy and Hayes both had a wonderful year. Thanks mostly to their outstanding teachers. We are so thankful that our kiddos get to learn and grow at Grace.
Seriously, I don't know how their teachers did it. Especially the Hayes' teachers. That Toddlers class is nutso. Yet they were always so patient and kind.

Y'all all the kids in Hayes' class called him Hayes Dean. Always both names. One of the other moms said that her daughter was repeating something over and over and she finally figured out she was saying, "Hayes Dean". Those kids crack me up.

Best I could get of the two of them.
It's Splash Day for Hayes. Hence the swimsuit.
But still with a polo shirt. Keeping it classy. 

Cutie McGee


The one where no one is looking at the camera. 

I can usually count on her for a
sweet smile. 

Celebratory cupcake

The lovely Ms. Janet who greeted Lucy
EVERY morning with a loud,
"Helloooo Lucy" and a big hug. Made
my girl's day. 

The amazing Ms. Janet who taught Lucy
so much. 

Splash Day wore this dude out.
The room was bright and everyone was
running around. But not him. 
You want me to get up? Wait, did you say

Hayes showing Ms. Tracy her gift. He
loves Ms. Tracy. 

Not so great of Hayes, but a good picture of
his sweet teacher Ms. Stacy.
My how things have changed. 
Haven't they?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Photo Dump!

Lots of good business in the last few months...

In March the kids had a Rodeo Parade at school. Lucy had a blast marching around. Hayes was not as excited about participating. Luckily his class rode in big cart type things. Picture the car grocery cars but with six seats.

We should have know how the day was going to go when we took this picture before leaving the house.
There are no words

Getting her hand painted by her teacher

Waving. Of course!

The kids went to a super hero party.
She loved the cape.

We went to our first Aggie baseball game as a family. There is now a playground on the first base side and it is awesome! Not so much with the game watching, but we had a lot of fun.
Hayes trying to get into the Dry Bean

On the playground

Lucy and her buddy Mason at Fitzwilly's. 

Dancing behind the Dixie Chicken.

We went to the Y. I took a picture one time of the kiddos on the bike rack outside and now EVERY time we leave they run to it and scream, "PICTURE"! I am sure people think we are nutty.

I took this because they looked so
cute holding hands. 

There is that pesky bike rack. 

Hayes and I had a lunch date while Lucy attended Princess Play Date. He chose Chick-fil-a (duh) and then refused to eat anything but the ice cream.

His hair looks awesome

Daddy has been in town more this month. Hooray for bed time stories.
She won that whale at the rodeo and she

Doing the impression of the limo in
Little Blu Truck Leads the Way

Hayes got pinned-ya'd by Mickey. What? Not familiar with that term? It's from Lion King..."Pinned ya!", "Pinned ya again"!

Ducklings were born! We had fun meeting them with our friends Macy and Noah.

Hayes continued to make every surface a race track.
Early morning line up on our bed

Lunch with all his buddies: Thomas, Lightening
McQueen and Bulldozer

Parking spot on the blinds

I started the Les Mill 21 Day Food Challenge. It's hard. Not much else to say about it.
Yep, that's what it looks like. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Easter Round Up

What's that you say? Easter was a long time ago? Hmmm...I hadn't noticed.

Dean Family Easter Round-Up...In the house!

Hop Hop!

Easter celebrations kicked off with parties at preschool.
I think he was trying to stuff them
in his shirt. 

Ummm, do we get to keep them?

Just look at the form. 

Hiding out with his bounty. 

This girl has fun wherever she goes

Always time to pose for a picture
Look how sweet...
just don't try and take her eggs

Some-bunny made some crafts.
See what I did there?

Decorating chick cookies. 

The following Friday we had a super fun hunt with the the bunco gals.

Sometimes Hayes doesn't like
to have his picture taken.
So serious! 

Checking out her collection.

The best I could get. 

On Saturday we headed up to Drew's parent's house for more Easter fun. There was another egg hunt (can't have to many eggs), a grown-up egg hunt (which Drew and I totally dominated), decorating the bunny cake and eating candy.

Sunday was church, which Hayes an enjoyed by taking a walking tour of The Woodlands United Methodist Church. Dude was not having the service, but got a kick out of going up and down the stairs and saying hi to everyone we passed. After church we saw Molly and Terry's new house, hooray! And then had a delicious lunch courtesy of Pam Dean.

Reading with Granddad

Decorating the bunny. Pretty sure I am telling her
not to eat the jelly beans...see how effective that was

The finished product

Hayes enjoying the fruits of
Lucy's labor
Daddy and Lucy before church