Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hayesman's New Bed / Don't Promise Things on the Way to Target

Well, it has happened. My house is cribless. Hayes is officially in a big boy bed. I have been procrastinating this move for quite some time.
"A" number 1 because I didn't want to lose the control of the crib
"B" number 2 because how can my baby boy be big enough for a bed when he is my baby boy? It is a mystery.

In order to increase his excitement about his new bed I promised him a Lightning McQueen pillow case. I told him on the way to Target that we were going to get said pillow case. He was excited and I was proud of my plan. You know what they say about pride...

There was no Lightening McQueen pillow case. There was however a super awesome complete toddler bed set. Hayes saw the set and was so happy, "Hayesman want it", "Hayesman wants for his new bed", "Pleaaaaaaase Mommy". Well, you know what happened...

Just look at those lifelike characters. Jumping
right out at you. 
If you know me at all, you know how much this pains me. He however, is so pleased.

Please notice the McQceen shirt. That car is slowly invading every aspect of my life. Pretty soon I am going to drive a red car with stickers.

It has been going well. Besides a few "want to be awake" and run around the room moments at Gramma and Granddad's house he has been settling in nicely.

Mommy on the other hand is still adjusting.



  1. "that's not what this is about." LOL! what a big boy :)

  2. Oh, Maggie.... Love the new bed set. Blake has been wanting a similar superhero bed set from Target with "life like characters that jump right off" and I haven't bought it for him. But seeing your little man's joy reminds me that maybe I need to get over the tacky factor and just let his room look like a little boys room. Miss you!