Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

Howdy do folks. Still getting caught up from my saaaad computer breakdown.

The day before Mother's Day my brother's family and my family met Fancy for MD breakfast. We went to Flora & Muse at CityCentre. Y'all, it's GOOD. Take thee to Flora & Muse as fast as your little legs will carry you. Or your car. You'll get there faster.

As soon as Lucy walked in she was desperate for Fancy to open her present. Fancy tried in vain to wait for the others to arrive. But then sweet darling Lucy blurted out, "OpenyourpresentIpickeditoutIgotyouaneckalce". SURPRISE!

After breakfast we let the kiddos run around the green space.

I also attempted to find a bathing suit at J Crew (lost). I eventually found one at Everything But Water (won) in Town & Country Village. I will never enjoy this process. NEVER. Why are the lights in these places so harsh? Why? You would think they would equip the dressing rooms with  skinny mirrors and flattering glowing light or candles...YES CANDLES! I definitely look better in candlelight. If there were candles up in those rooms, I would walk out with 100 suits. You couldn't stop me. There goes that lady buying 100 suits again.

But I digress.

Sometimes getting a picture with all the 3 looking happy at the camera can be a challenge. But we persevered at got these gems.

On Sunday Drew attempted to let me sleep in while he and the kids made breakfast. After hearing Lucy pummel Drew with questions ranging from "What did you do with my mommy" to "When can I stir the french toast" to "Can I have chocolate milk", I decided to get up. I was greeted by two happy children and a busy husband. We ate a delicious stuffed french toast breakfast, prepared by Chef Drew and the kids gave me cooking classes at Sur La Table. We had planned on church, but both kids woke up with runny noses. The gross yellowy-green kind that make the nursery workers look at you like you are crazy. So we stayed home and enjoyed the day as a family. I even got to go to the gym all by myself for an hour and a half!

Thanks Drew for a great Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

hDt 15 months

Happy 15 months Hayes!

- You are a super walking guy. You waited until 14.5 months and then you just took off with practically no warm-up period.
- Favorite words are: mama, dada, bye bye, yeah, uuuuuuuup, and doggy
- Favorite yums are black beans, cheese, peas, tortillas, almond butter, and waffles
- You love it when daddy comes home at the end of the day
- You climb on EVERYTHING and you are very sneaky about it. We have seen you push your riding train up to the end table to use it as a step stool.
- You love to destroy my pantry.
- Favorite toys are the broom, a big bouncy ball, blocks and your cars. You roll your cars all over the house saying, "vroom, vroom".
- Daddy taught you "cheers" and you can't get enough of that game!

I love you Hayes-man. You make me laugh, especially when you laugh. You have a feisty spirit, but you love big hugs. I am so happy to be your, "ma-ma-ma-uuuuuuup".

Loves to take his sister's computer
into this cubby. 
At Mary Jo Peckham Park

After being told, yet again, to get out of the pantry.
Don't be confused by the Christmas Elmo pjs. This
pic was taken on Mother's Day.

Beachy Keen

Last week the kids and I met Fancy in Port Aransas. About 30 years ago Fancy's uncle bought a condo in Port A and I have lots of great memories of going there as a child. For a several reasons, the condo has been sold and last week was our last hurrah. It was so fun to take my children to the little island.

The kids had a great time! Lucy busied herself playing in the sand, hunting for shells with Fancy and even saw a live starfish. Hayes busied himself walking up and down the beach holding a bucket or sand rake, eating cookies and sitting on my lap.

Oh so many pictures.

She's a big fan of this pose. 

Serious sand time. 

Holding his best rake

On one of their many sea shell hunts. 

Walking man

Just a boy and his bucket. 

Have no fear, Jr. Lifeguard on duty. 

Her first shirley temple. 

Walking with his Fancy

Feeding the sea gulls. 
more gulls

On our way to the beach on
our last day

I like this one because you can see
Hayes toddling along in the background.

Me and my bugs

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A girl, a Fairy, and a Dentist walk into a bar...

Last week Lucy had her first visit to the dentist.

A much begged for fairy was purchased as a motivational (read bribe) tool.

Lucy has been hankering for this fairy for quite some time. Whenever we go to Target, which is several times a week, (don't judge, I am a stay-at-home mom and sometimes wandering those aisles is the only thing keeping me sane) Lucy asks to go down the "girl path" so she can visit her fairy. I usually allow a trip down the girl path with this disclaimer that the "beautiful special fairy" won't be coming home with us. She usually replies, "I know Mommy, I just want to look on her".

Now for your viewing pleasure, the beautiful special fairy.

"Peaking" her safe on the way to the dentist.

Lucy girl before her big appointment.

Brushing and counting the snakes teeth. (Yes, she has already received the fairy. I know!)

Afterwards with all her spoils - A fairy, a balloon, a princess sticker, and a Doo-doo-da-Dora book. Seriously, I want to go to this dentist.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Walking (Hayes) Man

For weeks and weeks people have been asking me if Hayes is walking. My reply would always be some variation of, "He climbs the couch and and attempts to leap over it, but will not walk" or "He will bear crawl all over the great state of Texas (and isn't such a great state?), but will not walk".

Similar to how for many weeks he would feed himself but not drink out of a cup.

Same song, different verse.

This weekend, we had a breakthrough.

The walking has begun.

He is so cute as he toddles around, super proud of himself.

For your viewing pleasure.

A little bear crawl action.

The walking Hayes-man. (ignore my voice, yikes)