Tuesday, May 22, 2012

hDt 15 months

Happy 15 months Hayes!

- You are a super walking guy. You waited until 14.5 months and then you just took off with practically no warm-up period.
- Favorite words are: mama, dada, bye bye, yeah, uuuuuuuup, and doggy
- Favorite yums are black beans, cheese, peas, tortillas, almond butter, and waffles
- You love it when daddy comes home at the end of the day
- You climb on EVERYTHING and you are very sneaky about it. We have seen you push your riding train up to the end table to use it as a step stool.
- You love to destroy my pantry.
- Favorite toys are the broom, a big bouncy ball, blocks and your cars. You roll your cars all over the house saying, "vroom, vroom".
- Daddy taught you "cheers" and you can't get enough of that game!

I love you Hayes-man. You make me laugh, especially when you laugh. You have a feisty spirit, but you love big hugs. I am so happy to be your, "ma-ma-ma-uuuuuuup".

Loves to take his sister's computer
into this cubby. 
At Mary Jo Peckham Park

After being told, yet again, to get out of the pantry.
Don't be confused by the Christmas Elmo pjs. This
pic was taken on Mother's Day.

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