Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Beachy Keen

Last week the kids and I met Fancy in Port Aransas. About 30 years ago Fancy's uncle bought a condo in Port A and I have lots of great memories of going there as a child. For a several reasons, the condo has been sold and last week was our last hurrah. It was so fun to take my children to the little island.

The kids had a great time! Lucy busied herself playing in the sand, hunting for shells with Fancy and even saw a live starfish. Hayes busied himself walking up and down the beach holding a bucket or sand rake, eating cookies and sitting on my lap.

Oh so many pictures.

She's a big fan of this pose. 

Serious sand time. 

Holding his best rake

On one of their many sea shell hunts. 

Walking man

Just a boy and his bucket. 

Have no fear, Jr. Lifeguard on duty. 

Her first shirley temple. 

Walking with his Fancy

Feeding the sea gulls. 
more gulls

On our way to the beach on
our last day

I like this one because you can see
Hayes toddling along in the background.

Me and my bugs


  1. Holy cow Lucy's pose is AWESOME!

  2. Looked like so much fun!!! I love the pictures!