Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Easter Round Up

What's that you say? Easter was a long time ago? Hmmm...I hadn't noticed.

Dean Family Easter Round-Up...In the house!

Hop Hop!

Easter celebrations kicked off with parties at preschool.
I think he was trying to stuff them
in his shirt. 

Ummm, do we get to keep them?

Just look at the form. 

Hiding out with his bounty. 

This girl has fun wherever she goes

Always time to pose for a picture
Look how sweet...
just don't try and take her eggs

Some-bunny made some crafts.
See what I did there?

Decorating chick cookies. 

The following Friday we had a super fun hunt with the the bunco gals.

Sometimes Hayes doesn't like
to have his picture taken.
So serious! 

Checking out her collection.

The best I could get. 

On Saturday we headed up to Drew's parent's house for more Easter fun. There was another egg hunt (can't have to many eggs), a grown-up egg hunt (which Drew and I totally dominated), decorating the bunny cake and eating candy.

Sunday was church, which Hayes an enjoyed by taking a walking tour of The Woodlands United Methodist Church. Dude was not having the service, but got a kick out of going up and down the stairs and saying hi to everyone we passed. After church we saw Molly and Terry's new house, hooray! And then had a delicious lunch courtesy of Pam Dean.

Reading with Granddad

Decorating the bunny. Pretty sure I am telling her
not to eat the jelly beans...see how effective that was

The finished product

Hayes enjoying the fruits of
Lucy's labor
Daddy and Lucy before church

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