Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Days of School

I wish I should I could say first DAY of school. As in they started on the the same day, but the hand, foot and mouth disease monster had a different plan. Poor Hayes-man came down with the deaded HF&M the day before he was supposed to start. Altough in Hayes' case it was Hand, Foot, Mouth, Arm, Shin, Kneepit, Cheek and Hair disease.

Okay, not hair. But I wish I could blame his short hair cut on that. Poor dude. Looked like a sheared sheep.

Lucy was so excited for her first day, but she was also sad that Hayes-man couldn't go with her. It was so sweet.

Dutifully posing with her first day sign.

Cutie McGee

Are we done yet?

How about it if I tilt to the side?

I am so proud of my girl. She is such a bright and shiny kid. Always ready for anything. She jumped right in and started on the craft. Not even a second look to her mommy. Way to go Lucy Girl!

Which brings us to Hayes-man. First day for the dude, one week later.

Look at this cool sign my mommy made.

Curious, she put it in the bushes. I bet she wants me
to pick it up, hold it and smile for the camera.

Okay, I will do it!

Hahahahaha! Sucker!

Playing with this teacher

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