Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Phone Dump aka Lots-O-Pictures

What has been going on lately, according to ye ole iPhone.

If you don't like to look at lots of pictures of my children (then you are a big meanie) I would close her up now.

Just a normal Saturday morning in the playroom.
Lucy wanted this container, so Hayes sat on it. 

Hayes kept climbing the chairs to stand
on the kitchen table so I put them in our room and
shut the door. He threw a fit at the door and then
fell asleep. 
Lucy posing with the pancakes
she made for my birthday. 

I looked over at Hayes and he
was posing too. 

Both my kids have swirls in their hair. Courtesy
of the House side of the family. (Pam)

Game day!
Game day with daddy!
While Lucy is in ballet Hayes and I
have a date in the bakery. Big trouble when
 he starts saying "cookie". 
Lucy felt Aunt Molly needed some flare. 
Lucy and her cousin Alana went to Princess
Playdate at Westwood gymnastics
Lucy's first Aggie game

Craft Lucy made for Doughnuts with Dad

Craft continued. (The thing on the left is
" a machine that daddy works on".)

Hayes insisted on this kookie for his water. 

Lucy sliding at one of the many
playgrounds in Cinco.

Monkey see, Monkey do. 

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