Monday, October 22, 2012

Dewberry Farms

Last weekend, we took the kiddos to Dewberry Farms for some Fall fun.

Last weekend as in the weekend that the Aggies played well the second half, overcame some adversity and won their game. Not to be confused with a couple of days ago when they got a nice lead and then said, "just kidding, silly tigers".


Dewberry Farms is a lot of fun. There are bounce pillows, big slides, pumpkins and Hayes-man's personal favorite, kettle corn. Seriously, once the dude had his first taste of the k corn, he couldn't be deterred. Molly and Terry had to actually shake the bag to get him to look at us for pictures.  Oh, did I mention that Molly and Terry came with us to share in the festivities? Well they did and Lucy and Hayes were super excited to have them along.

And now, lots and lots of pictures.

Bounce Bounce Bounce

Pensive Hayes.
Mooooore kettle corn

Fun in a train
The kids with the rockstar aunt and uncle.

Fireman Hayes-man

Lucy trying to "help" Hayes take a picture

Mommy and her girl

How do you distract a boy from kettle corn and
make him smile? Turn him upside down!


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