Sunday, January 20, 2013

And then there was December

December as told in pictures...

Watching Johnny Football win the Heisman.
Also known as the night before the race that wasn't.

How I left the BCS Half Marathon the race
that wasn't. Don't worry, everything is fine.
Rumor has it you shouldn't try and run through
a very bad chest cold. Allegedly.

Going to see Johnny Heisman. 

Hayes-manziel practicing his scramble. 

Will NOT look at the camera. 

Hayes' school program. 

Hayes protesting his school program. 
Elfing around. Anyone else have an
abundance of Benjamin Knox?

Decorating cookies. "Cheft" Lucy in her "chefting" hat. 
Hanging out at The Woodlands Children's Museum.
I promise he has other shirts. 

Making gingerbread houses at the museum. 

Okay, you got us...they are graham crackers .

Lucy is super proud. 
Notice Hayes' house is more of an adobe style.
Poor roof couldn't handle his delicate decorating. 
Opening presents at Gramma and Granddad's house
Christmas morning with the beautiful Aurora. 

Q: How long does it take an almost
2 year old to destroy a new train table?
A: 1.5 seconds

We had some friends over and the kids turned it into
a slumber party. Come over any time Lees!

If I sit in the tub, mommy can't put Christmas away. 

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