Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Our Lucy girl is 4 today!

In honor of her special day here is a.... What's it called when you list things about someone by the letters of their first name?  You know what I am talking about. Hold on, let me google it. Ahhhhh...
An acrostic poem. That's it! Here we go!

Loves her family.
Uses her princess plate and fork whenever clean.
Can't stop talking.
Yep, loves the color purple. (I know that's a big reach.
    But Y is hard)

Hilarious. Keeps us laughing.
Excited about...fill in the blank. She is up for anything!
Laughs constantly
Eats chocolate whenever possible.
Needs her blankie, baby, twilight turtle and
    tinker bell night light.
Asks to read 100 stories at night. "Just one more"!

Dances all over the house. All the time. Always.
Especially likes to play with Hayes
Asks to wear a princess dress every day.
Never wants to leave the party.

And now, some pictures from the last year.

3rd birthday celebration at school
Princesses on Ice - March
St. Louis Zoo - March

Cinco de Mayo - July. Just kidding. May
Port Aransas - May
Last day of Preschool - May
Michigan - July
Driving through Michigan - July
1st Ballet Class - September

Main Street Theatre - October
Doughnuts with Dad / Uncle Cody - October

Playing in Gramma's desk - November

Family Pictures - November

Watching the Cotton Bowl - January

New Leotard - January

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