Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dancing Queen

Ever since Lucy started ballet / tap in September she had been anxiously awaiting her first performance.  For  months and months she toiled away at something called the Marshmallow Dance. Although she loved to talk about it she was very hush hush regarding the details. When I would ask her to tell me about it she would say, "you'll have to wait and seeeeeeee". She wanted me to know, but didn't want me to know. She is a complicated little lady.

The day finally came in early December and it was awesome. I told her that she wouldn't be able to see us (her cheering section - Aunt Anna, Aunt Molly, Gramma, Granddad, Fancy, Mommy, and Daddy) but we would sure be able to see her. From the moment she walked out I could tell she was looking for us. Actually everyone could because she waved and waved and waved.

However once the music started she was all tap business. She did most of the steps, but more importantly she had a lot of fun.

Side note: I had NEVER in my life heard the song Marshmallow World before that day. I heard it no less than 98 times during the Christmas season.

There was no photography or video allowed during the performances, but I did get some pictures after of the dancing star receiving her flowers.

Purpler roses from Daddy and Hayes

Could get her to look at the camera. 

More flowers from Fancy

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