Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Backyard Fun

We have been running around like crazies the past few weeks. Well, months really. So we were really excited to have ZERO plans on Sunday. We went to church, got the Hayes-man a much needed haircut (he was starting to look like a hobo) and just hung around the house.

Around 4 PM we busted out the bounce house and grilled some sliders. We had such a fun time just being in our backyard.

Worth noting: Hayes is not so sure of the bounce house. He is okay as long as you are in it with him and he is on your lap.

Also worth noting: I forgot how stinking hot it is in Texas. Seriously. Someone should do something about that.

Drew posing with his new bbq pad. Handcrafted by
Drew and his dad, Warren. With their own hands. 

Look at her red little face. 

They look like they are having a conversation. 

So, sometime his hair looks a little " dumb and dumber".
I am constantly brushing his bangs to the side. 

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