Monday, April 9, 2012

I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop, a you dont stop

On Saturday we baked and decorated a bunny cake. I remember making bunny cakes with my mom and I now understand the restraint it takes to let your daughter decorate the cake "right behind herself". I would cringe as she pushed the jelly beans deep into the icing and then smeared it all over creation. But she had a great time and was certainly proud. I am sure my mom enjoyed watching me try to facilitate the jelly bean placement. She mainly laughed and ate leftover cake bits from the layer I used to cut out the bowtie and ears. That's what grandmas are for.

We also dyed eggs. I read online, okay Pinterest, about placing the egg in a whisk for easy dipping. Good idea, unless your eggs happen to have the world's strongest shells and are impervious to egg dye. Then you are just a fool holding a whisk while your hand cramps. So we adapted and used the tried and true gold tool that comes in the package. Lucy really had fun checking on the eggs. Good thing because she had to keep checking them for quite some time. I told you, worlds's strongest shells. IMPERVIOUS.

On Sunday, attempted a family picture, went to church, drove to Drews' parent's house, attempted a family picture, hunted for eggs, ate a delicious lunch, watched the Masters, ate delicious snacks and relaxed.

All in all a great weekend.

He is risen.
He has risen indeed!

Decorating the bunny

Posing with her masterpiece.
Girl loves her sprinkles. Don't know
where she gets it. Mystery. 

Drew had a piece of the bow tie.
He said it was like eating sand. So Lucy's be-fri
Finley would probably love it. 

Just dunked her eggs. 

Checking on the eggs. She would put
on her sunglasses to check their status. 

The best one we got. Sad, I know. 

 LOVE it when they sleep with their booty
in the air. ADORABLE!

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