Thursday, March 8, 2012

Decoded: Right Behind Myself

Self high-five, fools!

I am the champion...of the world.

AHHHHH AHHHHH AHHHH (The crowd is going wild, clearly)

Or more simply put in the words of the famous poet, Dora the Explorer,
"I did it, I did it, 
  I knew that I could do it"!

What did I do, you ask? What makes me, Maggie Dean, the Captain of Awesome?

Wait for it...

I decoded one Lucy's mystery phrases "right behind myself". (See also "right behind she's self" and "right behind he's self". 

That's right! I now what in the world she is talking about. For Pete's sake. 

Pete - capitalized? I know it is a proper noun, but I don't actually know Pete and it is a common phrase. Sooooooo, hmmmm. I am sure the grammar police aka my mom, will call me .7 seconds after she reads this to let me know. Don't be too hard on her, it is sickness of sorts. I am sure this blog gives her and my brother grammar-fit-itis. 

Grammar-fit-itis - A series of fits and/or spasms brought on by a friend or relative who writes a blog in the manner in which she speaks, rather than being concerned with grammar. 

Wow, how did I get there? 

Are you ready to know what "right behind myself" means? After all this build up it is not going to be that exciting. 

Here we go.

It means, "all by myself". 

As in, "Mommy I went to the bathroom in the potty right behind myself". 


"Hayes, is eating his lunch right behind he's self". 

Thank you context clues! 

I know you will all sleep better tonight. 

Gratuitous picture of Lucy during the Super Bowl. 
Party hat, check
No pants, check
Paper towel pom poms, check

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  1. Lucy's superbowl experience mirrors most of college for me.