Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lucy is 3 - A Proper Birthday Post

Birthday celebration at preschool

Life was crazy around Lucy's birthday and she did not get a proper birthday post. So here we go, take two!

Happy 3rd Birthday Lucy!

Lucy's current favorite sayings:
How you get that? (Also, how she get that, how I get that, how Hayes get that)
I love your rings. (earrings)
That's beauuuuuutiful
It's gonna be tricky
Hold you
That would be terrible
Sometimes Hayes doesn't like to change he's diaper. (to anyone who will listen)
Right behind myself (I have no idea what this means. She says it all different times in different situations)
I was running so fast and I:
   ran into the table
   fell on the floor
   pinched my finger
   stepped on Hayes

Lucy's favorite foods:
Hummus and Pita
Cheese - the long kind (string) and the red kind (mini babybell)
Ice Cream (frozen yogurt)
Hambungers (you know what that is)
Chickens (Chick-fil-a)

Lucy's favorite things to do:
Make cookies
Ride (walk) her scooter
Check the mail
Play in her kitchen
Go to school
Play at the park
Watch Little Einsteins

My favorite adjectives for Lucy:
Hilarious (girl is funny)
Active (oh so very active)

Some pics fromt he last year
Making Valentine's Day cookies


Santa Ana Zoo with Daddy

Loves to get in Hayes' bed in the morning

Go Dynamo! 

Lucy and Hayes - Fall Portraits
Even all this cuteness couldn't help the Ags this year
I love you Lucy girl! 

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  1. You bought Lucy a Dynamo Jersey which means you are a fantastic parent.