Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Picks

I am a big fan of Valentine's Day.

I know some people say it is a holiday created by the greeting card companies to compel Americans to spend lots of money on cards, flowers, candy. But I like to think of it as more than quest by Hallmark for world domination.

I happen to love the color pink, flowers, cards, hearts, cookies shaped like hearts (after March 3) and candy (ditto). More than that, I think any day that reminds us to tell the people in our lives how much we love them is a good day in my book.

Without further ado, my Valentine's Day gift picks! Some of these I or the people in my life have and some are just things I think are nifty.

For the ladies 
Lululemon Scuba Hoodie in Paris Pink - Really anything from Lulu is a good idea and their Paris Pink color is perfect for Valentine's Day

Monogram Bracelet or Necklace

Reserve her some Toms Ballet Flats at Nordstrom - Trust me, this will make you a hero

Anything from Jo Malone - According to their website the last day for complimentary 2 day is Feb 10

For the gentlemen
Duluth Trading Company The Sprucer Upper Kit - Every man needs this

Toms Sunglassess  - Bonus! They give glasses to a child in need

A nice shave brush. Lots to choose from at Crabtree & Evelyn or  The Art of Shaving

A chambray shirt. JCrew even has one in red. Super Valentiney

For the kiddos
Have daddy bring his daughter(s) one flower for every year. For example, this year Lucy would get 3 daisies. Doesn't have to be an expensive flower. Each year they get one more. Sweet right? I think you have to set a cap on it. Maybe 24?

Books, always books!

Red or pink Converse or Toms

A gift certificate for something to do together. Such as cooking class, pottery painting or a putt putt.

So that's all folks. Take it or leave it, it's up to you. If you like any of these suggestions (ladies), you could say to your significant other (husband), "Did you know Maggie has a blog"? Then conveniently place your hand or piece of paper of the lower portion of the post.

It could work.

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