Friday, February 10, 2012

Flashback Friday: Princessland

If you think princess mania is at an all-time high in your neighborhood then you should try living in Southern California. Our house in Long Beach was about 15 miles from the Princess Motherland aka Disneyland. We purposefully kept Disney princess talk to a minimum in our house. We knew we were moving and didn't want to create expectations we couldn't maintain.

Also, between you and me, some of the movies are scary and he princesses are way to skinny. And at the risk of sounding too "I am woman, hear me roar", I want Lucy to be her own princess not Cinderella Lucy.

All that being said, we did want Lucy to experience Dinseyland before we moved. Drew had already started working in Houston, so Fancy and I took Lucy to the Magic Kingdom. It was so fun to see the park through her eyes. She loved every minute of it, except for meeting Goof. "He be scary". And Gluto (Pluto). Also scary.
Seeing the castle for the first time

We rode lots of rides. 
It was imperative to get a purple elephant
Riding the tea cups for the 5th time. 

Hayes-man  holding down the fort
Finn came to play.

The buddies waiting in line for the Princess Walk.

Oh, excuse me. I mean the "Princess Fantasy Faire", as we were informed / corrected by the grown man wearing a plume hat, tights and puffy shirt.

Basically it is a little path where you walk along and meet three princesses.

Sounds like a "princess walk" to me, ye ole royal attendant

The princesses rotate throughout the day, so you never know what ya gonna get. (That line is most effective read in a Forrest Gump voice.)

They decorated crowns.

I am sorry Eric and Drew. It really can't be helped. 

Meeting the princesses for the first time.
For the record: She had never heard of these particular princesses or seen their movies
Also for the record: That didn't matter one bit.
Just look at the face. She is so excited. 
"Where my touch your hair"?
Showing Snow White her castle
After Finley left and we watched the parade there was a desperate plea to go back and visit the princesses again. 

Is it just me or is "princesses" starting not to sound like a real word anymore? From now on they shall be called Princi. 

We traded in the paper crown for a "real" one and we were off to meet more Princi. 
"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. What's your name"?
She did not want to leave Cinderella. 
This is how Lucy preferred to wear her crown.
LBC style y'all. It's how we do. 

All in all, it truly was a magical day.

Right up until the 7:30 PM meltdown.

Side note: I don't know what's wrong with the spacing. Anyone having this trouble with Blogger?

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