Sunday, February 12, 2012

You have a a bar

(quick, name that movie)

Yes, we had Hayes' 1st Birthday Party in a bar.
In our defense:
1) They serve food, so it's basically a restaurant.
2) They have a couple highchairs
3) They have a kids menu
4) He's one and he doesn't know anyway

We celebrated Hayes' birthday with family and a few close friends at Armadillo Palace. We love AP because they have great food, cold beer and a stage for 3 year old girls to run in circles on / bands to play. Armadillo Palace is a fun place to have parties because they let you bring in your own desserts and will reserve tables weeks in advance.

We let AP take care of the appetizers, but I made Cherry Coke Float cupcakes and Soft Frosted Sugar Cookies for dessert. As for the party favor, Hayes treated his guest to scratch off lottery tickets. Gramma won $10! Don't spend it all in one place, Pam.

The dessert table: smash cake, cupcakes (before I put the cherries on top),
and sugar cookies
Hayes' smash cake was an homemade funfetti with vanilla buttercream.
Our best attempt at a family picture

The grandmas and grandkiddos

And the award for best picture of the night goes to....
Fancy and Hayes
Hayes and Molly enjoying their first dinner date. 
I'll trade you 3 cherrios for 1 french fry

Let there be cake!

 The red eye in this place was crazy.
Here Lucy is trying to summon the cake
with her crazy vampire eyes.
 Iif I keep smiling, no one will notice". 

Trying to get a picture with the birthday boy as he tries to leap from my arms. 
Also known as, "how I spend most of  my life".
That'll do

 Not a bad effort, Hayes-man

Our little man will be one in 4 days! It went by so fast.

Happy Birthday Week, Hayes!