Saturday, February 18, 2012

This week...

We got a new toy for Hayes.
We realize that this looks super hobo and needs
another bag of balls. I have horrible space perception.
It is a daily struggle. 
I made heart shaped pancakes for Valentine's Day. 
Hooray pancake pen
Lucy got really excited about aforementioned pancakes. 

Hayes just ate them. 
Lucy wore a "very, very special heart birthday valentine dress" with a "coka dot" bow to school. 

We attended Lucy's school party where they decorated their own cookies.
She licked the knife between each frosting application.
Just something to be aware of if Lucy ever makes you cookies. 

We had heart shaped grilled cheeses and red soup for dinner. 
Lucy had yogurt because her throat was "spicy". Meaning she has a cough.

Daddy brought Lucy 3 pink roses because he is her valentine. 

I sang "happy birthday" to Hayes at 6 AM. He was unimpressed. 
I asked him if he wanted to get up and he thought that was a good idea. 

Not a bad week, my friends. Not too shabby. 

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