Friday, February 24, 2012

Flashback Friday: Camp Pendleton Mud Run, 2010

I recently discovered that there is a mud run in Houston. Y'all, I could not be more excited. Upon discovering the run I immediately sent a challenge email to my family and friends compelling them to join me in costume for the race in costume.

I can't be sure if they are actually glad I moved back.

Anywho, in light of our new fitness challenge, let's flash it back now.

2010 WORLD FAMOUS Camp Pendleton Mud Run

This event is ridiculous. The course is military training course at Camp Pendleton near San Diego. It is offered 5 separate days and the event sells out in hours. Both times we ran it I stayed up until midnight when registration opened to make sure we got a spot.

During the 10K run you gets sprayed by water trucks, run through streams, trudge up a super fun hill, jump into mud pits, climb over walls and at the very end, crawl on your belly through a 30 foot mud pit.

And if you are awesome, you do it all in costume.

The whole group before the run.

Drew, Lucy and me before festivities.

Mandi and Me after the run.

The ladies

Dirty group shot.

Definitely find a mud run near you! They are a blast and a really neat way to push yourself!

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