Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Woodlands Half Marathon

A little over a week ago, Anna and I ran in The Woodlands Half Marathon. Going into the race I was a nervous because my training had been spotty, at best. As we all know, I missed my goal of breaking the 2 hour mark in St. Louis in October by 6 seconds.


S-I-X seconds. 


Needless to say, that goal was weighing heavily on my mind, but I still wanted to try and enjoy myself. 
The race was on the small side, which was really nice. It's awesome to be able to drive up and park an hour before race time and not have to fight crowds. 

From the start of the race I could tell that it was going to be a good day. We fought through the initial runner mob and settled into a really nice pace. For eight miles we chatted effortlessly and it zoomed by. Around mile 8, Anna suggested we put in our headphones. 

What? Tired of my gabbing?! 

How is that possible? I am really funny. 

Fine. Anna, if that is the way you want it. 

(Turns out she felt like she was slowing a bit and didn't want me to miss my goal. How selfless is that? She can't help, she is awesome.)

So in the headphones went. I totally zoned out and just ran. When I checked my watch at mile 10 I saw that I was definitely going to be break 2 hours. 

The last three miles flew by. As I approached the finish line, I looked at my watch and if we are being honest, I cried a little bit. 

Official race time - 1:54:18. 

I can hardly believe it myself and I am not sure I can do it again. 

Which is good to realize because our next race is The Hottest Half in Dallas in August. Average temperature is around 96 degrees. Probably time to breakdown and start running with a fuel and water belt. 

Feeling crazy? Come and join us. 

The sweat is good for your pores. Just think of it as a 13.1 mile sauna experience. Just like one of your fancy spas. 

Also, it should be noted that Anna broke 2 hours. 1:59 and some business. Darn skippy! 

How do you them apples?
We did it! That man can't help but stare
at our awesomeness. 
This is how we did it. (We get it dude, we are awesome.)

Why my back is always sore. 
The best we could do. 


  1. You go girl!! That's awesome! One of these days I might let you inspire me to run a half...thus far I've managed a 10K. I'm pretty much there.

  2. How long are you going to be in Dallas? We should have a play date and could invite Seema too! (although, she is very preggers right now, so not sure how up to it she would be)

    1. Not sure how long we will stay. Usually I like to be there a day on either side of the race. Would love to see you and your littles.

  3. Tiffany - You are almost there! I promise once you get to 8 miles, 13 is easy! Rock n' Roll San Antonio is November 11. A perfect goal! Just saying...