Monday, January 16, 2012

Hayes - 11 Months

Hayes-man is 11 months today and I am almost certain he said "hi" to me this morning. Maybe. It was either "hi" or"ahhhhh" or "heeeeeeee". It's really hard to tell, honestly. But I am going to choose to believe.

Hayes' specialty is arching his back to avoid doing something he doesn't want to so.

Eat a bottle? Back arch.
Take a bath? Back arch?
Sit in high chair, car seat, or exersaucer (so mommy can take a shower, for the love of Pete)?
Back arch.
Back arch.
Back arch.

He prefers feeding himself - both bottle and table food.
He equally loves waffles and steamed carrots. Weirdo.
Hayes' favorite pastime, except for arching his back, is banging on everything! He especially loves his tom tom drum and my parents' glass coffee table.

The next time I write one of these posts it will be for his first birthday. Where did the year go?

Hayes enjoying some pancakes, diaper baby style.

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