Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lucy's First Day of School

Yesterday was Lucy's first day of school. She was super excited and I was really excited for her / me / her.

In preparation we talked about all the friends she would make, games she would play and crafts she would craft.

She was most excited about the friends (she has really been missing friends since we left Long Beach) and, of course, her new backpack, nap mat and lunch box.

Can you blame her?

I am such a sucker for seersucker. It is rumored that I bought a navy seersucker tote bag with a pink monogram for myself when I ordered her school necessities. I cannot confirm or deny.

Here is Lucy Peas showing off her new "pack pack". She would not let me adjust it before the picture. That had to be done in the car once she was strapped in her car seat.

All ready to go! Can you feel the excitement?

I am so proud of my girl! She did really well. Her teacher said she had a great time and participated in all the activities. Way to go Lucy!

In case you find yourself in the market for a seersucker tote, I mean need school supplies, I highly recommend Posy Lane. They were fast, helpful, and the quality is great.

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  1. oh my stars, how cute is she with her seersucker gear?!?!?!? I love it.