Thursday, January 12, 2012

Maggie vs. The Wind, the ever-loving Katy wind

Here's the thing, Cinco Ranch is WINDY. I'm talking W-I-N-D-Y windy. I'm talking blow you sideways while you're running windy. And if you happen to be running with a double BOB stroller (wind sail), well then forget it.

As I have mentioned before I am training for The Woodlands Half Marathon. (It takes place on March 3 and there is still time to register.)

Yesterday was a 5 miler and it was definitely the hardest run I have had in a long time. The wind was brutal. Every direction I turned was into the wind. I didn't know that was possible. In fact, I kept saying out loud, "How is this possible"? Lucy would dutifully answer, "Don't know Mommy". Then she would demand the shade up or the shade down or that I run faster.

Usually we have a really good time when we run. We talk about everything we see, look for bridges and say hello to every dog / biker / runner / walker that we see. Yesterday there was none of that business going on. Yesterday we were getting through it.

My favorite part of the run happened around mile 3.8. I know that it was mile 3.8 because I have a nifty Nike gps watch and I was checking it every .2 miles to see if I was almost done.


I digress.

So it was mile 3.8 and I ran by a couple leisurely walking their dogs. I had passed them earlier on the loop around the lake, so I guess they felt like we were "lake friends" or something because she called out, "keep pushing those kids in this wind and you'll be skinny in no time".

That's right, "IN NO TIME".

Not, "what great shape you will be in "or your legs will be so strong" or "what a great example you are setting for your kids".

In her (weak) defense, she did try to back track by saying something about "keep up the good work blah diddy blah blah".

Too late Walky McGee, I tuned you out .08 miles ago.

"What a ringing endorsement for running", you say! The whole point is that yes, it stunk, but we got through it.


And can someone Harry Potter me a wind shield? (That would be the last point)


  1. Here's the positive - I ran a half in dec...never in bad weather, then came dec. 4th race day. Horrible wind and rain. Thought I was going to die! Atleast you're prepared for the worst!!
    p.s. - the lady couldn't see you're incredibly thin body behind the stroller...and she needs to run herself. SO there.

  2. The lake witch was old wasn't she?!! She probably wanted to make herself feel better since her boobs touch her knee caps.

  3. Again...hilarious post!! Tell that crazy lady you're already skinny!

  4. Rude! That's like a friend of mine who doesn't eat many people tell her "I'd be skinny, if I didn't eat cheese." Boo backhanded compliments.