Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to the Gun Show

Saturday we went to watch the Fightin' Texas Aggies btho the Northwestern Wildcats in the Meineke Car Car Bowl of Texas. Formerly the Texas Bowl, formerly the Bowl, formerly the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Bowl. (Just checking to see if you're reading.)

It was my first A&M football game in 5 years and I scoured the city of Houston for a maroon shirt. I finally found my shirt destiny at The Wonderstore aka Target. We went to the game with Drew's parents and his two sisters. The game itself was a blast. It was so fun to see the Aggie Band perform. I felt so sad for Northwestern that they had to borrow a local high school band because theirs couldn't make the trip.

Oh, what? That was the Northwestern Band? My bad. Sorry, the baton twirlers were totally good.

Anna, Molly and I in all our maroon glory.

However, the highlight of the game had to be when were going through the security check point. As you can see in the above picture, my shirt is sleeveless. Remember that fact.

So we went through bag check with no issue. I, for once, did not have a gigantor bag filled with diapers, snacks, wipes and toys to sort through. Then we proceed to the pat down area. I dutifully stood there and raised my arms so the friendly CSC worker could check my torso. This is when the shenanigans took place. She began the pat down procedure by running her hands along my right arm.


What exactly was she looking for? One of those flesh colored air horns? (We decided later that she was confused by my serious guns.) I could tell by the look on her face that she realized how ridiculous she was being but she couldn't admit her mistake and continued the pat down on the other bare arm. I have to admit, I admired her follow through. Go big or go home. That is what I always say.

Of course Molly, Anna and I thougt this was hysterical. It became increasingly more hysterical after we had a glass (or two) of champagne.

In my defense, I was going to get a mimosa but then Anna ruined orange juice by telling me exactly how they process it. You don't want to know. All I can say is SQUEEZE YOUR OWN. (Please don't sue me State of Florida)

As per usual, a reenactment was in order.

And then another.
People are staring at this point but we don't care because WE ARE FUNNY!

And then another.
Special thanks to CSC employee Tracie for participating.
No yellow parkas were injured in this reenactment.

Side note
What is up with my hair?
I am glad to be back in Texas, but the humidity is brutal on the ol' hairdo.
To all my SoCal friends...The above picture is why Texans use so much hair spray. The "helmet" is actually an instrument of defense. Don't judge until you walked a mile in my shoes in 100% humidity. You'd be reaching for the Aqua Net faster than you could say, "Y'all come back now".

That is all.


  1. It's these posts that make me miss you more. So much funny going on!

    PS - tell me about the Orange Juice. I have to know

    PPS - I am going to try to start jogging. Ugh. I'm scared!

  2. Glad I got to see yall at the MCCBOT Bowl...longest bowl name ever. And yes, now that I told you I creep on your blog I'll comment.

  3. One- you look so cute! Two - Gameday Cloth (shameless plug) Three - I love that you manage to write with such genuine dry-wit and sarcasm it's actually funny.