Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Hayes!

Happy Birthday Hayesman! You are the big 2!

 I am certain I will say this every year but, "how did this happen"? The last year went so quickly.

At 2 you...
 - Get a kick out of yourself
- Want to make sure your sister is hydrated, "Wucy, water...bwing"
- Think Lightening McQueen is the bee's knees. You request Cars everyday.
- Like Thomas the Train, but not his show. I don't blame you. Creepers.
- Screech for joy when daddy gets home
- Have started talking so much. A vocabulary explosion. My current favorites are "Ightning McKeeeeen" and your striking resemblance to Charles Barkey when you say "terrible". Your "otha one" favorite word is "no"
- Are so strong willed.
- Can throw a fit like nobody's business
- Love hugs and cuddles
- Continue to let me dress you primarily in business casual. Bless you.
- Love to run, jump, slide, hop, shimmy, fast feet, squat, roll, but NEVER swing. No sir. No swings.

Hayes, you bring us such joy. You are our best little guy.

February - I am not sure what you are eating. Sorry. 


March - On Peggy's stairs


April - 1st year photo session

Cinco de Mayo

May in Port Aransas

4th of July - When you discovered your love of blueberries
September - You snagged your sister's
headband before she woke up. 

October at school


January at the Y

Your birthday morning. We were waiting for your to wake up!
Frowning at your cupcake. You did
not like the singing. 
Fixing your table!

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