Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day

My funny Valentines woke up super early. They were ready to start the day!

Pink and red sprinkle pancakes and chocolate milk to kick things off.

Also known as sugar + sugar = Happy kids

They (luckily) had school on Thursday, so it was time to get ready for the day and parties. Fancy was kind enough to get Lucy a special dress for the big day. Rumor has it that I forgot about that purchase and bought her a smocked heart dress. I may have forgotten about the purchase until it arrived in the mail.


Lucy chose the dress from Fancy because in her words, "it is more squishy". I mean, what?

The purpose of the video below is two fold. One to get Hayes saying Lightening McQueen on video and the other to document the sound an elephant makes. 

Both the kids had Valentine's Day parties at school. Hayes class had cupcakes to celebrate his and a classmates birthday. 

We finished the night with heart shaped pizza and Valentine's presents. Last January I got the kids Mickey and Minnie and I put them away. It was the perfect opportunity to give them the dolls. They were so excited! 

Oh and of course, daddy brought Lucy some flowers. Because he is sweet like that. 

Hooray for my funny valentines. 

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