Monday, February 4, 2013

Ready for Bunco...Hiding in the bedroom

Confession: I am ready for Bunco 25  minutes early and instead of joining the rousing game of Princess Candyland taking place in the living room, I am hiding in my bedroom.

No one needs to know.

In my defense I already played Princess Candyland today.
More than once.
And I lost.
More than once.

The highlight of my afternoon Candyland marathon was when Lucy traded Snow White in for Cinderella because, "Snow White is no good at this game". Ouch. Kicked her to the curb.

Remind me to stay on Lucy's good side. Just to be sure I stayed in her good graces, I painted her nails glittery purple. That should buy me at least 30 minutes of no whining.

In other news, I was asked recently (by a good friend who shall not be named)  if I am pregnant.
The answer is NO.

They insisted they were asking because I was glowing. HMMM. I am sure it has nothing to do with the little fluff I acquired over the last few months due to Christmas cookies, holiday cocktails, football game eats, etc.  But I digress.

I am choosing to go with the glowing explanation. Actually, I have started using two new beauty products claiming to brighten my face.

Stop the presses, great day in the  morning...they must work!

Not that you want beauty tips from a gal who hasn't had her hair cut or highlighted since October (I have an appointment tomorrow, thank you very much), but these are the magic products.

benefit "That Gal" Brightening Face Primer
It comes out pink, which can throw you off a bit. But it is awesome. I wear it alone or under light foundation.

benefit Fine One One
The description says it is a contour, blush and highlighter all in one. I lurve it. I am kind of a moron when it comes to contouring and am usually afraid of it, but this makes it easy.

I am not a strictly benefit girl. In fact, I use mostly another brand. But these products are really fun.

Side note: I am also a fan of their Posie Tint. 

B. Trish McEvoy Lash Curling Mascara is the best ever. Truth.

III. Jake and the Neverland Pirates is on and I heard something about jammies. Looks like it is safe to go outside.

4. Sorry, Drew. I love you.

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