Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Boo Hoo! Why so sad?

I am, because I am posting my Halloween business in mid December. This is what happens when you decide to start your blog in December following a very busy fall.

Thank goodness for Flashback Fridays.

Flashback Friday, that sounds awesome! What's that? Like I would tell you. You will just have to wait. Until Friday.

Halloween day was a fun, but emotional day for us. Lucy was super excited for the festivities which included the Stroller Strides Party, her last Applesauce Music class and trick-or-treating with Finley, but it was also the day the packers showed up to pack up our little Long Beach house.

Just like we had the year before, we gathered at the Berkes' house for dinner and trick-or-treating. The kids were amped up and it was all we could do to get a few pictures. During a flurry of activity Hayes fell over (was knocked down) and Lucy yelled, "Oh no, the monster is crying again". At the door of the first house, I asked Lucy, "what do you say" (hoping all our practice has paid off) and she looked up at the lady and said, "FILL UP MY CUP"! Great. When I said that wasn't it she tried again, "Pleeeeeeeeease fill up my cup". Good thing we had a lot of houses to get it right.

Without further ado, some pictures.
At Pa's Pumpkin Patch
I own this patch!
Lucy with her buddy Finley at the Stroller Strides Party.
Hayes-Monster at the Stroller Strides Party
Ready to go
At the first house
Because I am feeling sentimental. October 2010

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