Friday, December 16, 2011

Flashback Friday!

Hootie hoo, it's Flashback Friday!

Today's Flashback Friday moment is...

January 24, 2009 - Welcome Lucy!

Lucy Helena Dean was born at 10:29 PM on January 24, 2009 in Long Beach California. She was 7 pounds 12 ounces, 21 inches long and the most beautiful thing we had ever seen. I remember how amazing it felt when they put her on my chest and she wrapped her hand around my finger. I tearfully said to Drew, "I didn't know they could do that yet, she must be advanced". And so it began.
First family photo.
Drew called her "his little prize fighter" because her poor little nose was caddywompus from delivery.

Odd. Spell check does not like the word caddywompus.

Holding mommy's hand
Daddy and his little girl

Also, a very special birthday wish to Anna! Happy 25th Anna! In keeping with Flashback Friday, here is a picture of Lucy and her Nana in Greece.
Lucy is a little over 4 months. Just look at that little nubbers.

Spell check does not appreciate the word nubbers either. Why you gotta try to keep me down, spell check? Who do you think you are? I will ignore your dotted red line.


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