Monday, December 19, 2011

Hayes Bieber

Hayes was born with glorious hair. People pay for highlights like that kind of hair.

We had quite a bit of fun styling his mane. There was Professional Part Hayes, Don King Hayes, Mow-hawk Hayes and, of course, Justin Bieber Hayes. But then his hair started falling out and he became Patchy Hayes. So we (Drew) did this...

I may or may not have cried. There was only one witness and he isn't talking.

But you can't keep Bieber hair down. Soon it was back and Bieber than ever.

Recently he started batting at his ears a lot and we thought there might be something wrong. When we realized it was just his hair tickling his ears, we knew it was time for hair cut.

Which brings us to today. Hayes-man's first big boy haircut.

He looks like such a little man now.

Off to college and everything.

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  1. That second picture should have the caption "I pity the fool!"