Sunday, December 11, 2011

The "Graham Cracker"

Last night we went to see The Nutcracker performed by the Houston Repertoire Ballet at Tomball High School. Fancy had given her the book so she would know the story in advance. This was important, because, as we explained to her there would be no talking during the performance. And there was indeed no any of the performers. Thank goodness this was a low key performance intended for children because Lucy talked in her special "whisper" voice throughout the ballet. Between that and her cousin Alana literally dancing in the aisle, we were a site to see. Overall I think the girls first ballet was a big success. They stayed in the theatre the whole time, ran up and down the aisle at intermission, ate some snacks, got an ornament and loved the beautiful dresses. Lucy may even have a future in reviewing ballets. I will leave you with her summary of the performance as told to her Uncle Cody.

"I saw the beautiful princess but then the boy broke her Graham Cracker and then they danced and then the man fixed it. "

Well said, Lucy.Well said.
Lucy and her cousin, Alana

Studying the program

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