Monday, December 12, 2011

Ho Ho Ho, Who Wouldn't Go

Lucy, that's who.
On the way to The Galleria we discussed all the things she would say to Santa. How she keeps Hayes from "danger things" and how she would like "candy and toys in her room in her big girl house". Most importantly she was going to show Hayes how easy it is to sit on Santa's lap.

Well all I can say is nope, nope,and never gonna happen, my friend. We did get a picture of Hayes with Santa and Lucy got a candy corn (candy cane), so all was not lost.
Just picture Lucy smiling sweetly next to Hayes. That's what I'll have to do...for the next 20 years. Bitter, party of one. Moving on!

The following are some pictures from our North Pole Breakfast. Pinky, our elf, brought the kids Christmas jams and hats. We ate blizzard waffles, drank hot cocoa and read the Elf on the Shelf.
The table set for the next morning. The Elf likes to plan ahead.

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