Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Last Day in the LBC

Our last day in Long Beach was bittersweet. Although we were excited about Drew's promotion and returning to our families, our time in Long Beach was very special.

4 months after getting married we found out we were moving and month later we were in California. I remember telling everyone we were moving to "The LBC" and that Snoop was probably going to be my neighbor and that I would have to learn terms like "packin'. Color me surprised when we arrived in a charming beach town with friendly people and nary a Snoop to be found. (maybe I was a little disappointed at the Snoop part. )

We ended up loving Long Beach. It was where we spent our time as newlyweds and where we became parents. Twice. We made some great friends and had some great adventures.

On our last day we went to Coffee Cup, our favorite breakfast spot. Get the Baja Burrito or the Breakfast Quesadilla. You will thank me. Lucy and Hayes both went to Coffee Cups when they were days old. Mama likes the Kona Coffee and aforementioned burrito (egg whites, no meat).

Here is a picture of Hayes-man at The Cup on our last morning.
Just for kicks, a picture of Lucy sitting in the exact same spot the morning of her 1st birthday.
After that we went to say goodbye to our house.
Imagine they are both looking at the camera. It's what I do.
Then we went to the playground and to lunch with Mandi and Finley.
After that back to the hotel and one more run along the beach. We capped off the day with a meal at Belmont Brewing Company.

It was hard to say goodbye to our friends and we still miss them. But we are really enjoying our new home and being back near our family.

Here's to the start of our new adventure!

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